Featured image for Entity Export Support in Workflows and Other Improvements

Feature Releases 📦

More actionable workflows with Entity export support

We're excited to announce Entity support for workflows, which will help you to export entity list with their latest location to help you make better automated decisions. All you have to do is select the desired entities to be delivered to your internal Slack channels or webhooks while creating a new Workflow.


Do more with exporting visualization data from Locale

The most requested feature is finally on Locale! You will now be able to export the visualizations from Locale as GeoJSON files and visualize them in your internal tools or other GIS software. The GeoJSON Export option have been added to the export menu inside the metric details panel.



You can now directly get into the console from which a cluster is created from. The updated side panel of clusters will now show the created console name with a link to open it directly with a single click!


Bug Fixes 🐞

  • Fixed issues with cluster being saved without the time period, which caused live clusters to be viewed in static time range instead of live time periods.

  • Fixed the glitch that caused the visualization picker to not show the area sizes in the dropdown.

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