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With clusters, you can now monitor and take actions in your focus areas filtered on multiple metrics.

What are clusters?

Clusters are areas that share common qualities, patterns, or behavior that we want to analyze over a certain time period.

These areas can be

  • Problematic areas

  • Well-performing

  • Areas with important KPIs

  • Areas bringing in a lot of revenue or bookings

Creating clusters on Locale

How to create and save a cluster?

For example:
 To create a cluster comprising areas

  • High idle time and

  • Low bookings

  1. Select the idle time metric in the metric studio, filter to the areas with high idle time, and click the APPLY FILTERS button.

  2. Repeat the previous steps to apply the area filters for low bookings

  3. Click on SAVE CLUSTER.

Where can I see my clusters?

All the clusters are listed under the “Area Cluster” section on the homepage of Locale.

To know more about the feature:

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