Featured image for Release Notes: 26th September '21 to 1st October '21

🚀 Releases

📍Auto-generate ID for Layer Catalogue

ID is a mandatory column for any KML/Geojson to be uploaded on Locale, now we have an option for our users to check a box and we can auto generate the ID for them. However, if this is done, that particular layer can not be appended or updated, it can only be cleared and replaced.

📍Email notification for comments

Now whenever someone tags you in a comment or replies to a comment thread you are a part of, you will be notifies via an email.

📍Polygon level filter

You can not click on any polygon, and say "Filter to this area" and you can view the metrics only for that particular polygon. This currently does not work for hexes, it will be released in the next week.


📍Removing city

When you select a city from the search bar on Locale, it filters all the data flowing in the console only for that city, this restricted users from looking the data at a country level or viewing it for multiple cities together. We have added a backspace in the search bar, which removes the city so that you can visualize all the data you are sending to Locale.

📍Saving layer pop-up

When you upload a new layer and save a layer on Layer catalogue there was no indication if the layer was saved or not, we have added a small pop-up whenever the request is successful.

🛠 Fixes

We fixed quite a few things on Layer catalogue:

  • Now it supports various edge cases - we have taken care of multiple edge cases that the KML and Geojson can have.

  • Error if layer saving fails - if you layer uploading fails, in most cases it will show you an appropriate error to understand what is missing, instead of a generic error.

  • Saving the layer was getting stuck - while saving the layer you won't get stuck anymore, it will either save or throw an appropriate error.

📍Filter's getting locked when the console is saved - no filters will get locked now

📍Show Entity was empty for any hex or polygon, we have fixed this now.

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