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Feature Release

City Dashboards

With the new City Dashboards, you can keep track of all the important KPIs for your cities right at a single place! City Dashboards will be the default view in Locale now, so you see what's important to you whenever you log in.

City Dashboards consists of two parts, The City Dashboard and A Global View. As mentioned, you can add your important metrics/KPIs from any of your existing consoles to the city dashboard of a corresponding Service Area Boundary (SAB Layer) as a widget. Not just metrics, you can also add your cohorts as a widget into the dashboard.

The Global View

The global view will help you see a ranked list of metric/KPI for all the cities your operations functions in. You can choose to rank the cities based on the percentage change in the metric value (growth) or the absolute value of the metrics for the cities. The cities are defined by the SAB layers you create in your Layer Catalog. The global view can be selected using the SAB picker on top and click on Global View to see the global listing of all your cities, ranked according to the metric.

To learn more about City Dashboards and play around with it, login to your Locale account now!

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