Featured image for Improvements in Cohorts, GeoSearch and TimeSeries

Feature Improvements


We have updated our cohort consoles with some additional features to get the most out of it. Your cohort consoles are much faster and snappier than before! The new UI improvements and entity count helps you better understand the number of entities present in the cohorts you are creating!

Geo Search

The search functionality in our consoles will also include your SABs by default in your search results instead of having to switch to specific views!

Descriptive Texts for Time Selection in TimeSeries

One of the tiny improvements we have done in our time series is to show any active/live time selected as Last 24hours, Last hour, Last 7 days etc, will be shown as the same instead of full date range! It will help you easily identify the live time range selected in the time series.

Other Minor Improvements

We have now attached docs to the metric creation dialog, so you can quickly access the docs and learn more about different types of metrics on the go! You can click on the Docs icon on the create metric dialog in your console to learn more about it.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issues with consoles not showing data when overlays/boundaries are deleted.

  • Fixed issues with Looping App Update Notifications when multiple tabs are opened.

  • Fixed issues with Dynamic timelines in Cohorts.

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