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Latest Location Map on Entity Lookup Consoles

Earlier this year we released our all new Entity Lookup Consoles which helped you to get a granular view of your individual entities. You could create use case specific consoles to understand your users/supply better! Now with our latest release, you will be able to view the latest location of your entities in a map and analyze them better.

Visualize entities based on their properties

With the latest location maps, you can not just view the entities and their location, but also color them based on any of their properties or metrics. Just switch to a column from the legend and pick a color of your choice to the properties being displayed.

Highly connected with the table

Apply any filters to the table and see the result update quickly on the map. This helps you to view only what matters on the map and drill down to the list of entities with specific properties.

Like what you are seeing? Explore this feature now on your Entity Lookup Consoles from your Locale.ai account!


Disable Map labels or Metric values in the visualization separately

Now you can disable just the metric values, or just the map labels from the Option tab from the side panel.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issues with calendar picking extra days on comparison mode

  • Fixed issues with Geo-popups showing comparison value instead of actual values

  • Improvements in listing workflows

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