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We're back with some exciting improvements to some of our most powerful features! Recently we had released some of our most requested features, Shape Filters on Hex-Heatmaps and Entity Lookup Tables. Since then, we had improved these features and we are here for more!


Editable Shape Filters

The existing shape filters does a good job at helping users to filter data to specific hand drawn regions in a city. With editable shapes, now you can quickly update your shapes, expand, or reduce the size to get better insights and understanding of your city.

The select/edit mode will be automatically get selected as soon as you draw a shape to give you the ability to quickly change the dimensions of the shape.

Or, to edit existing shapes, simply select the edit tool and click on the shapes you want to edit.

Aggregating grids with shape filters

As some of our users requested, we have added the ability to aggregate data on the shapes instead of just the underlying grids while using shape filters. This helps you to better compare different parts of your city as a whole rather than just individual grids scattered across different areas. You can enable the aggregate option in the shape filters dropdown once you have a few shapes to see values for the shapes instead of just the grids.

Clustered Points in The Latest Location Maps

Since the release of Entity Lookup Tables and Latest Location Maps within, we had received feedbacks on improving the map view to accommodate more number of live entities in the map without making the map unusable. We are releasing clustered points in maps by default to help you visualize a large number of the latest location of entities and see them clustered according to the area you are looking at in the map.

Head over to your Entity Lookup Consoles and get a sneak peek of the new clustered points view for your entity's latest location in the map.

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