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Custom Shape Filters

Ever wanted to see data just for a custom area? Or filter and compare performances between areas? Well, with our new Shape filters, you can draw areas to filter data just for the specific area. Currently, shape filters are enabled on Normal Hex Heatmaps to filter visualizations based on Hexagonal Grids and Polygons from your layers.

Custom areas, you define it!

Shape filters are similar to your overlays and service area boundaries, but an added advantage of being able to create these shapes and filter on the fly without saving anything! Just click on the shape filters option on the top bar, click on Create new shape and start drawing the shape over your maps. You will be able to add names to these areas or create clusters out of them. Once you draw shapes and click on Apply, the metrics will automatically show values for only the specific area.

Squares, rectangles, or any polygons, we got you covered!

Currently, we support rectangles and custom polygons, which will cover most of your use case on creating custom shapes. We will be adding more tools to help you better segment areas and save your areas as custom layers or download them soon!


Combine with existing abilities to download GeoJSON for specific areas

Your consoles can already download existing visualization as GeoJSON format to visualize on external applications. With shape filters now you can download only specific areas of the map/visualization as GeoJson Files.

Login to Locae.ai and head out to any of your consoles and start playing around with shape filters!

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