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Entity Consoles and Cohorts

Super excited to announce our most awaited feature, Entity Consoles. These are power packed new type of consoles which gives you a closer look at your business metrics from an individual entity level. To create a new lookup console, click on the Entity Console option in the left navigation panel and click on create to dive deeper into your entities. Be it vehicles, users, or orders, create metrics and get insights on a wide variety of use cases ranging from supply management, performance monitoring, battery levels and other properties and a lot more!


Create cross entity metrics with ease!

One of the powerful features of Entity Consoles is that you can create cross entity metrics without worrying about joins or writing a single line of SQL. Forget joining tables across databases, Locale's Entity Consoles helps you derive meaningful insights by creating cross entity metrics like Order's per rider, Revenue per vehicle, Profit per User and much more!

Derive insights by sorting with multiple columns

The ability to sort the table with multiple columns helps you find the top entities with any specified conditions. Feel at home with the sort option in any column in the table, just like an Excel sheet!

Dive deeper by applying filters across columns

Dissect the lookup table with powerful filters on top of columns and drill down to entities with specific properties, metric values, or thresholds. You can then save these filters to represent user behaviors, vehicle properties or almost anything based on the properties or metrics as cohorts!

And, much more!

Head over to Entity Consoles on the left navigation panel in your locale account to explore more!

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