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With workflows, you can now get notified and take decisions on your clusters by setting thresholds and triggers on operational KPIs

❓How is it useful to me?

To kick off this version of workflows we have enabled Slack notifications every time a certain metric on your cluster reaches a threshold value set by you.

For example, the users will be notified every time:

  • The churn percentage exceeds 30% in the last week

  • The utilisation percentages fall below 10% in the last few hours and so on

You can set triggers and thresholds based on your use cases and requirements!

🛠 How can I create workflows on Locale?

Here's a small guide that will help you get started with workflows!

🔮 What's in store for future updates?

We will be working towards creating workflows that will allow you to:

  • Run intelligent pricing

  • Plan the capacity of your fleet,

  • Targeted communication and many more

with Locale depending on your industry and use case.

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