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Last month we released Entity Lookup Consoles, the goal was to help our users to get detailed tabular view of all their entities with their latest location. With the improvement and direction we are moving with the features in Lookup Consoles, we are rebranding Lookup Consoles to Cohorts. Cohorts will be your go-to place to track entities with specific behavior or properties. You can create an insightful cohort of an entity just by applying its properties as filter or use metrics as filters. The change will be reflected in the product now, and you will see the Lookup Consoles will be named as Cohorts.


Latest Option in Time Spent Metric

Ever wanted to see how long a bike/cars is being idle right now? With the introduction of latest aggregation option in Time Spent Metrics within Cohorts/Entity Lookup Consoles, you can get the latest time spent on an event by an entity. This can be used to identity bikes/vehicles/riders which has been currently staying idle.

To use the latest option, simple create a Time Spent Metric from your Entity lookup consoles and choose latest as the aggregation for the time_spent column!

Improvements and Bug Fixes 🪲

  • Cohorts/Entity lookup consoles will be opened by default in hybrid (Table + Map) Mode

  • Your Cohorts/Entity Lookup Consoles will retain the last seen location of the map from the time you saved it

  • Lookup queries and data loading is faster than ever!

  • Minor bug fixes in filtering and sorting in Cohorts/Entity Lookup Consoles

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