Featured image for Release Notes: 20th September '21 to 24th September '21

In the last week we have improved the product, fixed a few things, and released new things as well.

Excited? We are too!

Let's check them out.

🚀 New Releases

📍Home Screen

We have launched our first ever Home screen. It is built on the idea that the users to get their task accomplished as fast and as easily they can when they come on Locale. Our home screen now shows the most recent console and clusters visited by each user. This will be personalised to you.

Another interesting thing we did was let our users know what we are building next and how it will help them - we have added a 'coming soon' tag to whatever we would be building next and when you click on it, you get a sneak peak into what it is and how it will help people take better decisions using Locale.

📍Height in Hex Heat Maps

Now you can look at any 2 metrics you like at the same time, without applying any filters and creating clusters. We have added the capability to view the second metric as height for any metric in any heat map console.

📍Layer Catalogue

You definition of boundaries for a particular city would be different from that of your competitor's and google maps. We have now added the ability to upload any customised boundary that you would like for any city. Currently GeoJSON and KML are the accepted formats.

✨ Improvements

📍Pop-up when saving cluster

Earlier when any cluster was saved, there was no indication to the user if the cluster has been created successfully or if there is some error. Now there is:)

📍3 months Data Download

We only supported a weeks data to be downloaded from our consoles. But as we scale and understand our users better, it made sense to why our users would need to download up to 3 months of data in one go.

📍Adding hex size in the Grid Size selection

We have added the corresponding hex size to each grid size.

🛠 Fixes

  • Changing last updated timestamp to local timestamp.

  • Computed Metrics with trips entity is now working as intended.

  • NULL lat long gave NULL grids which was plotted around north pole.

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