Featured image for Release Notes: 11th October '21 to 14th October '21


📍Addition of two new types of metrics

  • Distance calculation - You can calculate the haversine distance between any 2 events which have the lat and long attached to them in your data.

  • Time difference metric -You can now use this metric is used to calculate the time taken between any two events.

📍Metric Duplication

You can now duplicate complex metrics with multiple filters to tweak them and see how the metric changes.

📍Exporting a layer

Since we built the layer catalogue, our users have been requesting a way to use these layers in other systems of theirs. Hence, you now have the ability to export these layers from Locale and upload them on your own systems.

🛠 Fixes

📍Filtering to a polygon in clusters

Filtering of polygons to see the data only for a particular polygon was only for consoles until now. Now we have enables this for clusters as well.

✨ Improvements

📍Invitation from "[email protected]"

All the invitations that any user that sends to their teammates to collaborate on Locale now go from "[email protected]"

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