Featured image for Release Notes: 4th October '21 to 8th October '21

🚀 Releases

📍Notifications on home screen

You will be able to see all the notifications on the home screen on the product. Currently, there will only be notifications for comments.

📍Hex level filter

Earlier we built a feature where you could filter a particular polygon and see all the metrics in the cluster and analyse data for that polygon only, the same thing now you can also do for hexes.


📍Clicking on the comment opens the right comment panel

Currently, editing a comment is not allowed on Locale. When you click on the comment, it will open the comment panel on the right for you to loo at the entire thread.

📍Product copy changes

A few texts on the product were not consistent and did not correlate in the user flow, most of those have been fixed.

📍Improved navigation of Email notification 'open console' and 'view comment'

Whenever someone mentions you in a comment or replies in a thread you are a part of, you will get an email notification from Locale notifying you about it. This email has 2 CTA's:

  • 'Open Console' which will open the respective console

  • 'View comment', which will take you to the respective console and zoom-in to the area of the comment.

📍Changes in home-screen card design

On the top of the home-screen we had 2 cards for you to learn more about Locale - Docs and Video. We realised that this is not a recurring use case for our users to for it to occupy such amount of space on the top and so we have made it smaller.

🛠 Fixes

📍Sign up user

Fixed minor bugs in the invitation of new user to come and start using Locale.

📍Sharing cluster link

The link being copied to share the cluster was incorrect. This is now fixed

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